Privacy Policy


This is the Privacy Policy of Interactive Voting System B.V. You can find us at De Oude IJssel 9a/9b, 8253 PV, in Dronten, The Netherlands. In this policy, we would like to share with you and take responsibility for how and why we collect and use information about you.

We feel very strongly about the importance of privacy in this matter and therefore, we handle the information we gather with great care. Read on if you want to know how we do this. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Information Interactive Voting System B.V. collects and uses

We collect and use information about you because you wish to make use of our services or buy our products and/or because you provide us with this information yourself.

The list below provides an overview of information we may possibly collect, depending on the service or product we provide you with.

  • First name and last name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • IP address
  • Location information
  • Interests
  • Information about which device you use
  • Information about your activities on our website
  • Bank account number
  • Additional information you actively provide us with, for example through correspondence and/or via telephone


Sensitive information Interactive Voting System B.V. collects and uses

We do not collect any sensitive information, such as religion/belief, race, political preference, health, sexuality, membership of a union, criminal past or social security number.

We also do not have the intention to gather and use information about website visitors who are younger than 16 years of age, unless a parent or a guardian has given permission to do so. However, we have no way of knowing if a visitor is really 16 years of age or older. This is why we recommend parents and guardians to be involved with the online activities of their children and, in this way, prevent information to be gathered without permission. Are you convinced that we are gathering information about a child without permission from a parent or a guardian? Please let us know at and we will delete the information.


Why Interactive Voting System B.V. gathers information

We gather and use information about you to:

  • Process your payment after you have bought a service or a product.
  • Be able to deliver the product or provide the service.
  • Contact you, if needed, to be able to deliver the product or provide the service and to answer questions you may have asked.
  • Send you e-mails containing information about your order.
  • Analyse and optimise our website, products and/or services based on your behaviour on and interaction with our website.
  • Be able to attune our offer of products and/or services to your personal preferences. You can read more about this in the paragraph titled ‘Automated decision-making’.


Automated decision-making

Interactive Voting System B.V. makes decisions based on automated processes (algorithms) that may have the following consequences for you:

  • Regional targeting: we gather and use location information to be able to advertise locally. This way we can show advertisements to people who are visiting from Dronten, for example.


How long Interactive Voting System B.V. retains information

Information may not be retained longer than necessary. Therefore, how long we retain information depends on what kind of information it is and what we use or have used it for. In some cases, the law states that certain information has to be retained for a certain period of time. Personal information is retained for a maximum of 3 months. Do you have any questions about this or how long we retain other information? Please contact us at


How information is shared with third parties

We share your information with business partners and third parties when this is necessary to provide the service or deliver the product you want, or when the law dictates us to do so. There are other cases in which we share information about you with third parties, but this will only happen when we have your explicit permission to do so.

We enter into a processor agreement with any third party that, by our request, gathers, uses or processes information about you. This way, an equal level of security and confidentiality is ensured. Interactive Voting System B.V. remains responsible for these processes. We make use of the services and/or products of the following companies, all of whom we have signed a processor agreement with:

Webhosting and e-mail services are provided to us by KPN Internedservices. KPN Internedservices processes personal information in our name and does not use this information for their own goals. They can collect meta-information, however, to improve their own services. This is not personal information. KPN Internedservices has taken technical and organisation precautions to prevent loss or unlawful use of information.

We make use of the services of an accountant, Unit4. We share all relevant details of your order and/or invoice and this information is used for our administration. Your personal information is sent and saved in a safe manner. Unit4 will handle your information carefully and confidentially and will not use it for other purposes than our administration.

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to track visitors on our website and analyse behaviour. We use this information to optimise our website, our products and our services. Google will not use your information for any other goal.

RAM Online Marketing
We make use of the services of an online marketing bureau, RAM Online Marketing. They analyse the data that our website collects and combine this knowledge with their abilities, and in effect optimise our website. This does mean that RAM Online Marketing has access to personal information. This is why we have signed a processor agreement with them.

We use Dropbox, a cloud-service that makes it possible to store information and files on an external server. This way, information is shared easily between colleagues and processed faster. Dropbox uses strong encryption tools and ensure that no third parties have access to personal information.


Accessing, rectifying or erasing information

You have the right to request access to, rectification of, or erasure of your personal information; to data portability in certain circumstances; to request restriction of processing; to object to processing; and to withdraw consent for processing.

Such a request can be made by sending an email to Please enclose in this email a copy or scan of your ID card so that we can make sure it is you. Blacken your photo, the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone), the document number and your social security number to ensure your privacy. We will respond as fast as possible and at the latest within 4 weeks.

Lastly, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the local supervisory authority.


How Interactive Voting System B.V. protects your personal information

We take the protection of your information very seriously and take several precautions to make sure it is not misused, lost, unlawfully accessed, published undesirably and/or unlawfully altered. Precautions we take are:

  • Your information is sent in an encrypted manner through a secure internet connection (SSL). This is visible at the start of the URL (“https://”) and by the padlock in front of it.
  • We make sure all sections of our website are updated regularly, so that we are working with the latest and therefore most secure versions at all times.
  • The servers and equipment we work with are equipped with up-to-date security software, such as antivirus software and firewalls.


Cookies and comparable technologies

Cookies are small text files that are stored in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone. We use the following cookies:

  1. Necessary cookies
  2. Analytic cookies

During your first visit, we will inform you about these cookies and ask permission to place them. According to the law, we do not have to ask permission for the necessary cookies, because they are essential for the functions of the website itself. For the other kinds of cookies, we do need permission. You can find more information about all the cookies we use here.

It is possible to turn off the placement of cookies by all websites altogether, by checking the settings of your browser. Here, you can also delete any current cookies that are stored in your browser. If you delete and/or turn off the placement of cookies, our website may lose functionalities.

You can check, alter or revoke your permission for the placement of cookies here:


Changes to this policy

It is possible this privacy policy will be changed or added to in the near future. We would like to advise you to check it for amendments regularly.

The last date of adjustment is: 31-05-2018